By Jan Pingel

Save the Sepik!

The Save the Sepik campaign is fighting to protect the Sepik River from the Frieda River Mine.

We believe that the risk posed by the Frieda River mine is too great and could irreparably devastate the Sepik environment and the communities that live along it.

We want Papua New Guinea’s Conservation and Environment and Protection Authority (CEPA) to reject the Frieda River mine and for the PNG government to take the next steps in placing the Sepik River region on the World Heritage List.

Join the campiagn and send a letter to call on the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA), Members of the Environment Council and the Minister of Environment of Papua New Guinea to reject the Sepik Infrastructure Development Project, including the Frieda River mine in the Sepik region:

Like the infamous Ok Tedi mine in Western Province, it is a disaster waiting to happen

There is no evidence of free, prior and informed consent

The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is severely deficient

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By Jan Pingel

THE SABL LAND GRAB – Papua New Guinea’s ongoing human rights scandal

Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABL) are being used by foreign companies to unlawfully occupy community-owned land in Papua New Guinea (PNG).
This is despite the leases being declared unlawful and universally discredited. This is happening with the connivance and support of PNG’s politicians and public servants. The foreign companies have been able to abus the law to illegally lease land and grab forest resources from customary landowners — without their legally required consent, and often without any prior warning. As a result of this state-sanctioned land grab, hundreds of thousands of people, most living in remote rural communities, have seen their traditional subsistence lifestyles and environment destroyed and are suffering a wide-range of serious and on-going human rights abuses.

Download: The SABL Land Grab