Seabed Mining

The South Pacific Ocean is Currently the World’s Laboratory for the Experiment of Seabed Mining




The Pacific Islands as a group may be the planet’s most vulnerable nations to the effects of climate change

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Vanuatu People’s Declaration for Climate Justice: -16.525507, 168.106915
Rechte Indigener Völker in West-Papua: -2.835889, 137.931805
Familie aus Fidschi klagt gegen die Klimapolitik der EU: -17.617846, 177.654419
Land Grabbing in Papua-Neuguinea: -4.346411, 143.569336
Zwangsvertreibung in Port Moresby: -9.482419, 147.146416
Suva Declaration on Climate Change: -18.122360, 178.437195
Ressourcenfluch in Papua-Neuguinea: -7.758534, 146.448698
Tuvalu - Pacific Island on the front line of Climate Change: -7.768959, 178.116770
MILDA: Takara Declaration 2019: -17.673900, 168.364839

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Vanuatu People’s Declaration for Climate Justice

People’s Declaration for Climate Justice, Vanuatu
Was ist Klimagerechtigkeit?

Vanuatu Vanuatu
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Rechte Indigener Völker in West-Papua

Rechte Indigener Völker
Landraub und Ressourcenabbau nehmen indigenen Papuas ihre Lebensgrundlage
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West-Papua Indonesien
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Familie aus Fidschi klagt gegen die Klimapolitik der EU

Klage gegen die Klima- und Energiepolitik der Europäischen Union

Fidschi Fidschi
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Land Grabbing in Papua-Neuguinea

SABL Land Grab
Papua New Guinea’s Ongoing Human Rights Scandal 

Papua-Neuguinea Papua-Neuguinea
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Zwangsvertreibung in Port Moresby

Zwangsvertreibung in Port Moresby, Papua-Neuguinea
The Demolition of Paga Hill
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Papua-Neuguinea Papua-Neuguinea
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Suva Declaration on Climate Change

Suva Declaration on Climate Change,
Pacific Islands Development Forum. 2015

Fidschi Fidschi
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Ressourcenfluch in Papua-Neuguinea

Das goldene Zeitalter der Gasförderung? Der Ressourcenfluch und die Folgen in Papua-Neuguinea
Hintergrundpapier von Dr. Roland Seib

Papua Region Papua-Neuguinea
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Tuvalu - Pacific Island on the front line of Climate Change

Tuvalu - Pacific island on the front line of climate change
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Tuvalu Tuvalu
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MILDA: Takara Declaration 2019

The Takara Declaration 2019 by the Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance (MILDA)


Efate Shefa, Vanuatu

Pacific Voices


Talks and Workshops on our key topics Climate Justice, Resource Justice and Human Rights in Oceania



The Oceania-Dialog acts as a platform and amplifies environmental, political and social voices of Pacific Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), Peoples Organisations (PO) and Churches in Europe.

Member Organizations of the Oceania-Dialog are the Association of Protestant Churches and Missions in Germany (EMW), Bread for the World, Misereor, Missio Munich, Leipzig Mission, Centre for Global Ministries and Ecumenical Relations and the Pacific Network.