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The Takara Declaration 2019

Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance (MILDA) is an alliance of groups and individuals with a shared vision and commitment to working together, who are united by a common cause to protect our indigenous land, which extends from the surface of the ground to the centre of the earth and underneath the ocean, and includes our air and sky, the waters of our rivers and streams, and our ecosystems, biodiversity, and intangible cultural heritage.

MILDA Takara Declaration 2019

Von Jan Pingel

Das Goldene Zeitalter der Gasförderung? Der Ressourcenfluch und die Folgen in Papua- Neuguinea

Hintergrundpapier von Dr. Roland Seib

47 Jahre industrieller Bergbau haben in PNG für zehntausende Anwohner zum Verlust der Existenzgrundlage geführt, ohne zu dem erhofften Anstieg der Lebensqualität der Bürger beizutragen. Mehr noch ist der Zusammenhang von Ressourcenextraktion und dadurch geschaffener sozialer Desintegration, moderner Armut, Gewaltzunahme und dem Verlust der Rechtsstaatlichkeit allgegenwärtig. Ungeachtet der hohen Abhängigkeit vom Rohstoffsektor setzt die Regierung weiterhin auf den Ausbau des kapitalintensiven Bergbaus.

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Von Jan Pingel

THE SABL LAND GRAB – Papua New Guinea’s ongoing human rights scandal

Neue Publikation von Act Now! (PNG) und Ozeanien-Dialog

Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABL) are being used by foreign companies to unlawfully occupy community-owned land in Papua New Guinea (PNG). This is despite the leases being
declared unlawful and universally discredited. This is happening with the connivance and support of PNG’s politicians and public servants. The foreign companies have been able to abuse the law to illegally lease land and grab forest resources from customary landowners — without their legally required consent, and often without any prior warning.
As a result of this state-sanctioned land grab, hundreds of thousands of people, most living in remote rural communities, have seen their traditional subsistence lifestyles and environment destroyed and are suffering a wide-range of serious and on-going human rights abuses.

Download: The SABL Land Grab